If you need to return any of Ruemil products for maintainence ,  you can return to authorized Ruemil Technology dealer or distributors  you purchase from.

Or return to Ruemil Technology if you bought directly from Ruemil by following process:


1. Rutuen the products only after received the RMA NO.

2. Attach RMA NO. on the outside of the parcel and make sure it is clearly visiable.

3. All returning products must match with its original Invoice description

4. RMA process is for replacement/repair of defective memory products only.


1. Ruemil Technology is NOT responsible for damage to or loss of any Programs, data or removable storage media. It is highly recommended to save any programs, data or removable storage media before return for RMA repair.

2. Ruemil Technology RMA return policy is based on stock availabilities, hence the repaired Product in return might not be the one originally sent.

3. Due to the ongoing technology, in case of the discontinuity of any product, Ruemil Technology is unable to repair EOL product, replacement of upgraded product is optional.